Our strategy is to give you, your clients and your other stakeholders the framework for a successful business in a professional manner according to your needs and compliant governance. We help you to make the necessary decisions and back you up also in critical phases.

Why Linchpin?

Most of the companies are facing challenges which are quite complex. No matter the company is a startup, SMB or multi-national and multi-branched enterprise, all companies have the necessity to align the fast-changing and agile technologies to their business needs. More often, companies facing their limits very soon due to various reasons like resources, know-how or budget.

Linchpin Advisors provides you with tailored services receiving value for your investments. We are stepping in, helping you in any suitable role as requested.

  • You don't have any IT service provider, we will help you to focus on your job providing you with suitable services and solutions according to your business strategy
  • You have your own IT service provider or in-house team, we can step in the role of project management and interface between business and IT, supporting your infrastructure, guiding through processes and executing necessary activities
  • You are IT service provider and need special consultation or advise for your projects, we help you to get the projects managed and if desired support you and your clients on your behalf also in critical phases

Our approach is helping you and your stakeholders to fulfill your agreed contracts focusing on your business aligning in compliance and full governance. We perform and utilize our services and solutions based on frameworks and best practices according to well known standards ( e.g. ITIL, PMP, Risk IT, Val IT, COBIT).