Windows Phone 7.5 to include new location alert icon in future update

Windows phone location icon

Microsoft is planning to update its Windows Phone 7.5 operating system with a location awareness icon. The update, expected in the next few months, will add a new status icon to the top bar of Windows Phone 7.5, indicating when an app is accessing a phone’s current location information. Microsoft revealed the change (similar to iOS and Android) in its Windows Phone documentation this week and confirmed the new icon in an email to us. “We updated the documentation to get in front of new devices that will have these features, which will be in market soon,” explained a Microsoft spokesperson.

The update is expected to arrive preinstalled on new Windows Phone “Tango” devices, launching in the coming months. We took an early look at some of…

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5 Essential Singapore Travel Apps

As you would expect given its high-tech geek status, the Lion City has produced some great local Singapore travel apps that help locals and visitors eat, sleep and enjoy their lives. There are plenty of these savvy apps out there, but here are five that come recommended, and more importantly are free.

(PRNewsFoto/Microsoft Corp.)

Travel Wire Asia has a review of the following free apps, which no Singapore traveler should go without.

Summon Auntie, an app that helps travelers look for parking space;
Singapore Transit, a map and guide for getting around Singapore’s public transport system;
Hosay!, for deciphering the nuances of Singaporean English;
iChangi, which offers live updates on flight information;
HungryGoWhere, an app for spotting the best restaurants in town, complete with user reviews.

Microsoft Research releases free Cliplets app for creating animated cinemagraphs


Microsoft Research has launched a new desktop app for creating cinemagraphs — GIF-style images that combine animation and photography. The app lets you select an object from a video clip so that only that object is animated, while the rest of the scene remains static. The result is sort of like a GIF, only more artsy. We’ve already seen something similar with iOS apps like Cinemagram, with the main difference here being platform and price — Cliplets is Windows-only and free to download. Because it’s a research project, Cliplets doesn’t come with any official support from Microsoft, but the company has released a series of tutorial videos and launched a forum thread to help users out.

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