Original iPad 3G’s AT&T unlimited data plan is still unthrottled, unlike smartphones

Gallery Photo: New iPad hands-on photos

The unlimited data plan that was briefly offered when the original iPad 3G first launched on AT&T is unthrottled, we’ve been able to confirm with the carrier this afternoon, which means there’s no monthly cap at which download speeds will be arbitrarily reduced. That’s unusual because AT&T’s unlimited data plan for smartphones — which has also been discontinued — is throttled, a topic of considerable controversy recently. How long the unthrottled policy will stay in place remains to be seen, but it’s possible that the number of affected users is so small that they’re simply not worrying about it — to be clear, this only affects users who purchased and have maintained one of those unlimited tablet plans since 2010, and those lucky…

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Apple Configurator app gives schools and businesses tools to manage iPad deployments

Apple Configurator screenshot

Amid all the hubbub about the new iPad, Apple has released a new OS X app that’s made for IT administrators to easily manage and deploy iOS devices. It’s called Apple Configurator, and with it up to 30 iPads, iPhones, and iPod touch devices at once can be updated, configured, and more. From the program’s description in the App Store, administrators will have the ability to backup and restore devices, apply custom settings, and install new apps onto devices. One feature of particular note is that users will be able to have their personal settings restored when checking out a device and have it all removed again when they check the device back in.

We already knew that Apple saw the iPad as more than just a personal tablet — the company…

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Apple ditches Google Maps display tiles in iPhoto for iOS

iPhoto for iOS Map Tiles

When Apple unveiled iPhoto for the iPad and iPhone this morning it showed off an assortment of new features, but one thing it didn’t tout was something left behind: Google Maps. Bringing up the location feature in the app calls up tiles that bear little resemblance to the Google service used in the rest of iOS and in iPhoto for OS X. Writer Holger Eilhard was able to discover that the tiles are in fact being pulled from Apple directly, from a server named gsp2.apple.com.

It’s no secret that Apple has been moving away from relying on Google‘s services, even going so far as to pick up several mapping companies itself in recent years. While there’s nothing here yet that confirms Apple has rolled its own service — these could easily be…

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AT&T and Verizon keep data plan pricing the same for the new iPad

iPad LTE

One of the headlining features for the new iPad is LTE in the US from Verizon and AT&T, each of whom previously offered 3G data plans for the iPad 2. Fortunately, it seems both carriers aren’t going to take this opportunity to gouge excited iPad users for more cash — no-contract data plans for the iPad will stay at the same price for both carriers. AT&T will continue to offer a 250MB plan for $14.99, a 3GB plan for $30, and a 5GB plan for $50. Verizon counts with its standard 2GB for $30, 5GB for $50, and 10GB for $80 plans. Oddly enough, if you visit Apple.com to preorder the new iPad, the site gives a different option for AT&T’s data plans — it says that $30 only gets you 2GB of data (see our screenshot below). However, we reached…

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Latest iPad Unveiled at Cupertino

Whether it would come out as iPad 3 or iPad HD, people didn’t mind as long as Apple finally unveiled its latest tablet. Speculation over the new iPad ran rampant; from edge to edge screen, to magnetic-linking iPads, to the “tixel-field” screen.

Apple's teaser image for the iPad 3 unveiling on March 7

Apple's teaser image for the iPad 3 unveiling on March 7 (Image: Apple)

Here are the official specifications from today’s press conference at Cupertino:

Ultra high definition “retina” display, 2048 x 1536 , 3.1m pixels
A5X quad-core graphics
iSight camera, 5MP sensor, backside illumination, 5-element lens. Apple software for image signal processing
HD video recording with image stabilisation
Voice dictation, supports English, French, German, and Japanese
Next-generation wireless, 4G/LTE
10 hours of battery life on WiFi; on 4G, nine hours
iPad WiFi version: US$499 (16GB), $599 (32GB) and $699 (64GB)
iPad 4G version:  US$629 (16GB),  $729 (32GB) and $829 (64GB)
Available on March 16, pre-orders start now.

Apple hasn’t announced the official name yet, because the boffins are demonstrating image and video editing as I write this.

Alas, there will be no “tixel” touch screen. Tixel is a minute electrical current that passes from the screen to your finger, giving you the sensation or texture of the surface for whatever image you are rubbing onscreen. This haptics technology comes from Finland’s futuristic company, Senseg. All the rest of the rabid rumors like edge to edge screen and magnetic linking iPads are for the succeeding generations, I guess. I will update with more details and images later today.

Samsung attacks Apple again in a Seoul court – SlashGear

Samsung attacks Apple again in a Seoul court
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5 Essential Singapore Travel Apps

As you would expect given its high-tech geek status, the Lion City has produced some great local Singapore travel apps that help locals and visitors eat, sleep and enjoy their lives. There are plenty of these savvy apps out there, but here are five that come recommended, and more importantly are free.

(PRNewsFoto/Microsoft Corp.)

Travel Wire Asia has a review of the following free apps, which no Singapore traveler should go without.

Summon Auntie, an app that helps travelers look for parking space;
Singapore Transit, a map and guide for getting around Singapore’s public transport system;
Hosay!, for deciphering the nuances of Singaporean English;
iChangi, which offers live updates on flight information;
HungryGoWhere, an app for spotting the best restaurants in town, complete with user reviews.

New AppleCare+ plan to cover iPad 3 accidental damage?

Gallery Photo: Apple iPad 3 event stock Yerba Buena 1024

Apple introduced its $99 AppleCare+ protection plan back when the iPhone 4S launched last year, replacing the standard package. It still extends free repair service to two years from the purchase date, but also covers up to two replacements due to accidental damage — though you do have to shell out $49 a time. However, this plan is currently limited to the iPhone, with iPad owners’ only option right now being the standard $79 AppleCare package that doesn’t cover your butterfingered mishaps. That may be about to change with today’s near-certain announcement of the iPad 3, if MacRumors is to be believed, as the site is reporting that the same plan will be introduced alongside Apple’s latest tablet. The report has also been corroborated…

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